DHS Mission Statement

  • The mission of Dadeville High School is to:


    Responsible, Respectful, Reflective

    Individuals with the ability to think critically,

    Develop the skills necessary to be productive citizens, and to 

    Enrich the lives of others through lifelong learning opportunities.


    Dadeville High School Beliefs

    We believe:

    • The formal education process is a collaborative effort between students, parents, administrators, teachers, and the community
    • A school should maintain a well-trained, highly qualified staff of professionals, who will strive for continuous school improvement
    • A positive attitude, combined with mutual respect, fosters self-esteem which is instrumental to the lifelong learning process
    • Our students must be the principal focus of all decisions impacting every aspect of the school community
    • Every student is a valued member of the school and is encouraged to mature intellectually, socially, and emotionally
    • The school is committed to providing an environment conducive to maximizing academic achievement
    • Mutual respect is expected between students and staff in order for the school to reach its full potential
    • Every student is responsible for his/her actions and will learn to set positive and realistic goals