• The goal of the Programming and Software Development program is to help ALL students pursue careers in Information Technology. Whether a student has a heavy background in Computer Science or this is their first class, we will challenge and give the needed support for success in our program.


    In the first year, students start by learning the basics principles of Computer Science with a focus on programming.  Students will learn the principles of coding through both block and text languages.  Students will demonstrate mastery of those skills by programming robots and physical computing devices (such as Micro:bits and Arduinos).  

    In the second year, students will further their programming skills as they learn the programming language Python.  Through physical computing, students will master and become certified in Python.  They will have the opportunity to perfect those skills as they move beyond programming to focusing on Software Development and Engineering.

    At Edward Bell Career Tech Center we believe that learning must be hands-on and student-centered.  That is why robotics and robotics competitions are a central part of our curriculum.  Students compete in Best, Vex Robotics, and SkillsUSA.  From the very first class, students learn to design (CAD) and print objects for the 3-D printer.  While block languages and Python are the focus of our program, students can choose to learn additional languages such as Javascript, C++, Java, and others.